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Computer Science Major

Requirements for CS Major

Required Core Courses

Required Advanced Core Courses (six course units)

Computer Science Options (three course units)

Select three courses from the following “Part A” and “Part B” lists.
(Students who are approved to take CSC 250 to satisfy CSC 220 and 230, must select four courses.)
Students may take additional options courses for free elective credit (exception: placement out of WRI 102 or foreign language must be replaced by liberal learning courses, not CSC courses).

Part A:

Students may opt to take an additional capstone course from the following “Part B” list. Also see the Suggested Sequence.

Part B: (Capstone Courses)

A student may take up to three capstone courses, selected with advisement and departmental approval. The additional capstone course(s) may apply toward the Part A options, with departmental approval.

CSC 391: Independent Study in Computer Science may apply toward the Part A options with departmental approval.

Visual of CS Major Requirements and Prerequisite Structure (CS courses only)
(Printable pdf version.)

Required Mathematics Courses (four course units)

Computer Science Natural Science and Mathematics Options (four course units)

Three major-level laboratory sciences and one additional math or science course (with advisement). See Approved Science Courses for more information on courses that meet the science requirements. Consult the department for additional details.

Foreign Language Requirements (two or three course units)

Two courses in sequence in any of the modern languages are required if students opt for a language not previously studied in high school or another institution.

Alternatively, students continuing a foreign language previously taken in high school or at another institution must take three courses of that language in sequence. However, this requirement may be reduced by taking a placement test in that language. Based on the student’s performance on that test, 0, 1, 2, or 3 courses may be required.

Any course reduction in foreign language requirements results in an equivalent number of free elective courses, which must be selected from the areas of art, humanities, social science or history. Consult the department for details.

Note:  Arabic 151 and 152: Chinese 151 and 152; Japanese 151 and 152; Persian 151 and 152; and Russian 151 and 152 are intensive courses and carry two course units of credit each.  Students should take this into account when planning a normal four-course semester.

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