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Goldberg & Neff Award

Charles H. Goldberg – Norman Neff Scholarship Prize in Computer Science (Application due Friday, April 18, 2014)

The Charles H. Goldberg – Norman Neff Scholarship Prize is awarded annually by the Computer Science Department to a student (or students) who has demonstrated academic excellence in Computer Science and who will be continuing into graduate study in Computer Science.


Eligible students are graduating Computer Science majors who have applied for admission for graduate study in Computer Science. The number of awards and the award amount are at the discretion of the Computer Science Department. The award check will be conveyed to the awardee(s) upon matriculation in a graduate program in Computer Science within one year of the announcement of the award.




Please complete the following form and submit your completed printed application to the Computer Science Department program assistant.


1. Name: _____________________________________


2. How can we contact you after graduation:


Phone: _______________________________


E-mail: _______________________________


Postal address _________________________


3. List some of the graduate programs to which you are applying:



4. Please attach a short essay discussing your plans for graduate study.

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